DD Day 2014: Delia Derbyshire Honoured

Delia Derbyshire will be remembered and “feasted” in Manchester during the annual Delia Derbyshire Day. If you’ve managed to not hear about this remarkable person — or work by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (who didn’t employ composers…), have a look and a listen to some of the links in the is post. Brilliant and still relevant… You can start here with an article on last year’s event in the Guardian -> Manchester honours the woman behind the pioneering music of Doctor Who.

A trailer for the event:


Here is a modified (with images) of a great BBC radio program: Sculptress of Sound: The Lost Works of Delia Derbyshire


Interesting, short excerpts by Derbyshire on BBC Inside Out:


Finally, a short experimental documentary revolving around her life and work by Philtre Films (Kara Blake): The Delian Mode

One thought on “DD Day 2014: Delia Derbyshire Honoured

  1. Thank you for the support for our events. And we’re coming to Bristol on Sat 26 APRIL so do come enjoy our radical programming 🙂

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