Music a Brunel presents: BORED TO DEATH by Jetpack Bellerive

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Weds 4 March, 18:30 -

Artaud Performance Centre – Brunel University London, UB8 3PH

After The Mistake I Am, a second multimedia project entitled BORED TO DEATH is emerging from the collective Jetpack Bellerive. This project involves 2 musicians, 9 composers, 4 artists and an academic, with artistic direction by participating musicians Noëlle-Anne Darbellay and Samuel Stoll and artist Francisco Sierra.

Noëlle-Anne Darbellay (b.1980 CH), violin
Samuel Stoll (b. 1979 CH), horn

Olivier Brignall (b. 1986 UK)
Stephen Crowe (b.1979 UK)
Timothy McCormack (b.1984 USA)
Aleksandra Gryka (b.1977 PL)
Juliana Hodkinson (b.1971 UK)
Max Murray (b.1980 CAN)
Michael Pelzel (b.1978 CH)
Niklas Seidl (b.1983 D)
Lars Werdenberg (b.1979 CH)
Stefan Wirth (b.1975 CH)

Taus Makhacheva (b.1983 RUS)
Shana Moulton (b.1976 USA)
Camillo Paravicini (b.1987 CH)
Francisco Sierra (b.1977 CH/CL)

For BORED TO DEATH these composers and artists engage with TV series and translate this into artistic form. The topic of the TV series – a subject that is societally relevant – is brought into a completely new context. The form and manner of translation have been left entirely up to each composer and artist. In so doing, only one condition must be fulfilled: the piece must deal with the
products of popular television seriality.

Contemporary music meets contemporary television; anti-narrative formal art encounters an epic narrative format; and the acoustic search for the unfamiliar meets a visual medium that continually constructs and replicates that which is all too familiar. A transformative encounter could not be any more different – which is exactly what makes the project BORED TO DEATH so exciting. At the heart of the project are 9 new works (premieres) for violin and horn. From the outset of the project there will be intensive collaboration between the musicians and the composers. The two video artists, Moulton and Makhacheva, will also create their works using the two musicians as actors. Artists Sierra and Paravicini are developing interventions that will be presented live within
the project, to complete the performance-concert.


Memorial Concert for Bob Gilmore


Phil Maguire, MA — .haul / S

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 15.26.52

Brunel Music Alumnus Phil Maguire just received confirmation of his MA from Huddersfield,and we thought it was time to feature his final project here. After reading the brief description below, have a look (and listen) on the incredible site he’s created by clicking here -> .haul / S or the above image.

.haul / S is a practice-led research project into Stream-form composition techniques, free-association, and synaesthesia in audio/visual composition. This project was completed in August 2014 (Amended December 2014) by Philip S. Maguire, for the award of Master of Arts by Research at the University of Huddersfield.

Paul Cassidy – The Piano Music of John Adams


Paul Cassidy, a fraction of Brunel Associated Artists Piano Circus, will be presenting and performing the piano music of American composer John Adams While the composer has produced many large form works (including a controversial, The Death of Klinghoffer), he has written several pieces for solo piano exploring minimalists aesthetics and techniques as well as Americana themes. The concert is free and open to all. 

Monday 16th February,

6.30pm, ANTR001 (Antonin Artaud main space)

Brunel University, UB8 3PH

Exploring Experimental Music at Brunel University London for your Masters (Scholarships)

We’re looking for students — freshly graduated or with a certain acquired experience — with the motivation necessary to complete a major project as a key element of the course. We are all practicing professionals with radically varying backgrounds coming together to create the first Masters course in the UK to focus specifically on Experimental Music. The programme is designed to create an environment in which you can learn from and interact with colleagues and expert tutors. From advanced composition and theory techniques to extended performance repertoire, passing though musicology, interactive installations combined with computer music design, and highly developed improvisational practice, you will have the possibility to refine your skills and develop a portfolio of work which culminates in a major project. Interested? More information and enquiries here or here -> Professor Christopher Fox

Masters scholarships available this year only if you meet the following criteria:

  • must have paid the £9,000 per annum undergraduate tuition fee, and will graduate in 2015
  • must be a UK/EU student applying for a full-time master’s programme, which is HEFCE funded
  • must have previously received funding for schemes associated with widening participation such as the National Scholarship Programme.

Further details:

Composer Wanted: Next to Normal

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 14.30.33
Our show is a satirical comedy called ‘AM I NOT PRETTY ENOUGH?!!!?!?!???’. We’re comprised of one comedy writer and actress, and one classically trained singer. The music-dialogue-action dynamic is inspired by the pianists who improvised the scores to silent films in the 20s. What we’re looking for is a composer to act as the narrator of the show through music. The job description will largely depend on what the composer creates, their own ideas and personality are a huge part of the show. 
There aren’t many references to what we want to do, because it seems to be a new kind of collaboration, however we were inspired by Frank Moon’s work on Metamorphosis (Arthur Pita’s adaptation) and The Little Match Girl (again, Arthur Pita) who composed and performed a score which featured voice, beatbox, arabic lute, violin, a loop machine, and provided the melody for an aria.
If interested, contact:  []

Jennifer Walshe and Alex Ross? The Rest is Noise.

Last year, in December, Jennifer Walshe was featured on the Rest is Noise blog run by The New Yorker music critic Alex Ross. This year, in the January 5th edition of the The New Yorker, he mentions her again in his Guided by Voices piece… Could this be a trend?


840 New Music for String Quartet concert Poster 31 Jan     2015

Brunel Music alumni and PhDs in composition, Nicholas Peters and Tristan Rhys Williams, are featured composers in the first of a new series of concerts. More information and links in the blurb below.


LONDON : St James’ Islington SAT 31ST JAN, 2015 Concert begins at 7.30pm

840 is an experimental music concert series based in London, founded in late 2014 by the composers Alex Nikiporenko and Nicholas Peters. Each concert aims to present new music for a different combination of instruments from solo to medium sized chamber ensembles.

840’s debut concert features The Manon Quartet, winners of the 2014 Cavatina Intercollegiate String Quartet Competition, presenting brand new commissions from Louis d’Heudieres, Matthew Lee Knowles, Neil Luck, Alex Nikiporenko, Nicholas Peters and Tristan Rhys Williams. The centrepiece of the concert is provided by the piece Doubles (2012) by John Lely.

The concert is part of St James’ Occasional Concert Series at the St James’ Church, Islington, N1 8PF.

CCMP Presents: Seminar and Recital with Guitarist DIEGO CASTRO MAGAŠ

Diego Castro recital 21 Jan

DIEGO CASTRO MAGAŠ will be speaking in a seminar at 17:00 entitled, Brian Ferneyhough’s Kurze Schatten II: shaping physical gesture through Benjamin’s thought-images.

RECITAL 18:30 Michael Finnissy: Nasiye Marc Codina Frame for [guitar]; Brian Ferneyhough: Kurze Schatten II; Scott McLaughlin: a string vibrates in two directions; James Dillon: Shrouded MirrorsChristopher Fox: Chile.


CCMP Presents: Clara Maïda on Mutation Processes in Composition

The first CCMP Research Seminar of the year will be with French composer Clara Maïda. All are welcome. CCMP 15 Jan


Harald Muenz Portrait Concert in Leipzig


Ensemble Avantgarde with Steffen Schleiermacher, Hermann Keller and Harald Muenz will be performing a portrait concert of works by Maestro Muenz and composer/pianist Hermann Keller in Leipzig’s Gewandhaus on the 14th of January. Click here for more info -> Gewandhaus.

Hermann Keller
Es war. Es ist. Wird es sein?

Harald Muenz
… schönes Klavierstück …

Harald Muenz


Hermann Keller
Nicht Stolpern

Hermann Keller
Thema und Variationen über die “Internationale” und “Brüder, zur Sonne, zur Freiheit”

Harald Muenz
dietro V avanti

Bob Gilmore (1961 – 2015)

Bob (1)

BobBob (2)

Some recent CDs, briefly reviewed


Pianist Philip Thomas has recorded a solo album of works for piano by Christopher Fox. The Rambler review…

Originally posted on The Rambler:

Vicious Circus are Elo Masing (violin, cello, electric guitar, whistle), and Dave Maric (analogue synth and electronics). The 20 short tracks on Troglodytes Troglodytes (squib-box) are all improvised, and on some the duo are joined by David Turay on alto sax and Matthew Lee Knowles on voice. The sound is oddly gothic, the howls and scratches of of Masing’s strings rubbing strangely along with Maric’s synth. I rather like it; I hear something of both Radulescu and 80s synth-pop in it (among much else), a combination of avant garde and trash that brings to mind the narrow streets of East London, appropriately enough where Vicious Circle do most of their performing.

Pianist Philip Thomas has been busy, with two solo recordings out in the last few weeks (there’s also a new disc of Feldman multiple piano music on another timbre). First music by Christopher Fox (Hat…

View original 615 more words

Of nymphs and live electronics with Carl Faia in a new work by Patricia Dallio


The first full performance of a complex multi-media work that has been workshopped and in residence for some time will take place the 9th and 10th of December before going on tour in France. Composer and performer, Patricia Dallio, will be premiering Le Mystere Des Oreades with video performer and creator Mathieu Sanchez. Dallio is performing on a unique instrument — looking like something between Minority Report and Tinguely — with a Max patch created for her by Carl Faia. The Dallio Instrument (for want of another name) has been developed over many years in collaboration with Mr Faia and others working on the construction of the apparatus. Impressive and massively musical. To be seen.


Sarah Nicolls and the Pendulum Piano


Sarah Nicolls  Pendulum Piano

World premiere
Experimental pianist and earsthetic’s artist in residence Sarah Nicolls has recently created her second Inside-Out Piano. Motivated by reaching inside the instrument more easily to play unusual sounds and revealing this ‘extended’ playing to the audience, the new instrument has some unexpected extra characteristics.

Sarah explores these and her parallel journey into motherhood in this brand new commission, specially created for earsthetic. 

Come and see this strange new piano, hear the beautiful melodies and textures of Sarah’s piano-songs and contemplate the intense moments of life where everything seems to stand still in this funny, wry and surprising show.

Part of earsthetic – a week of immersive audio-visual events

Brighton Dome Corn Exchange
Tickets: £5 (unreserved seats)