What they say

The openness of the course encouraged experimentation and let me create music I would never have imagined otherwise.
Phil Maguire

Phil Maguire, BMus Musical Performance 2012

Brunel’s music department was quite a special experience that opened my mind a lot, taught me about the history and philosophy of XX and XXI century music, made me discover sonic arts, experiment with electronics, play Cobra with crazy improvisers; this list could go on and on…

Kristijonas Dirsė


Kristijonas Dirsė, BA Film and TV studies and Music 2014

I came to Brunel as a classical violinist. I left Brunel as a sound artist, performer, composer, improviser and textile electronics designer. My whole perspective changed in a really positive way. I resisted the change in perspective when I arrived at Brunel, but if you resist… it will persist! Be open and enjoy!

Ursula Philpott

Ursula Philpott, BA Sonic Arts 2014

I couldn’t have found a more exciting and stimulating music department for my undergraduate studies! Every member of the faculty sits at the forefront of their practice, whilst also having incredible insights into the vast musical ocean of the last century. I discovered so many new areas of music thanks to Brunel, and would recommend the department to anyone serious about pursuing a life in music. Be prepared to open your ears and have them scrubbed clean!

Cameron Michael Graham

Cameron Michael Graham, BA Music 2013

Brunel showed me creativity like no other. Providing the tools to be the most inspired and learned student I could be. Whatever direction I pursued, the knowledge, support and facilities were there to help me succeed. My degree rounded me as a musician, scholar and individual.

Benjamin Fox 


Benjamin Fox , BA (Hons) Sonic Arts 2015

*** The staff were helpful and encourage me to explore different things.

*** The library resources are quite useful for my researches, although they are not the most updated ones. Teachers are really open for new ideas from students, and give us useful advices that provide a space for further thinking.

*** Fun course, encouraged me to explore whatever I wanted to whilst giving me a good sense of direction.

*** Great range of equipment to rent out. Staff are experts in their lecturing fields, in both a practical and theoretical nature.

National Student Survey Free Comments 2016 1

*** The course at Brunel is wonderfully varied. There is a strong focus on the present and future of music, which is exciting and modern. The staff at Brunel are all fantastic musicians and experts in their craft and they are equally approachable and willing to help with just about anything. The staff at Brunel are outstanding and definitely ‘make’ the experience here.

*** Very helpful staff members, engaging modules.


*** Every module is intellectually stimulating and covers a wide range of topics from formal classical music analysis to contemporary popular music studies. Every lecturer has been more than happy to meet and discuss current work, and has encouraged further planning beyond the undergraduate degree and collaboration with other students, which has been extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend music students to study at Brunel and I’m incredibly happy with my experience over the past three years.

*** New experiences and music I had not had before. Good to open up to something.


*** The diversity of Brunel is reflected in this diverse Music course, which incorporates so many aspects of modern music making. The staff are so multi-skilled and have such a deep understanding of their specialised topics. This allows the student to find new elements that interest them but also to cultivate the identity they may have already found. There is a freedom that allows you to experiment with who you are as a musician. You are not forced into any box. The course can be moulded to fit anything you want to work on or develop and the ability to undertake a special project of your choice at the end of the course is so exciting.