DD Day 2014: Delia Derbyshire Honoured

Delia Derbyshire will be remembered and “feasted” in Manchester during the annual Delia Derbyshire Day. If you’ve managed to not hear about this remarkable person — or work by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (who didn’t employ composers…), have a look and a listen to some of the links in the is post. Brilliant and still relevant… You can start here with an article on last year’s event in the Guardian -> Manchester honours the woman behind the pioneering music of Doctor Who.

A trailer for the event:


Here is a modified (with images) of a great BBC radio program: Sculptress of Sound: The Lost Works of Delia Derbyshire


Interesting, short excerpts by Derbyshire on BBC Inside Out:


Finally, a short experimental documentary revolving around her life and work by Philtre Films (Kara Blake): The Delian Mode

…on clarinet articulation


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About [Clarinets] * But Were Afraid to Ask

Originally posted on heather roche:

Bit of a monster post for you today, so I won’t waste too much time with introducing it. Basically I’m going to cover all the different ways the tongue and throat can be involved when playing the clarinet. From the basics of tonguing (tenuto, staccato, changing consonants), to extended techniques (flutter tongue, slap tongue), to stuff you don’t see all that often (shaking the clarinet, flute and trumpet embouchures)… I’m going to try to cover it all. If there’s something I’ve forgotten, or there’s something that’s not clear, please leave a comment!

(I apologise for the sound quality of a few of these examples. My Interface stopped speaking to my laptop towards the end of my recording session, so there are 4 examples where I’ve had to just record using my laptop microphone. If I get it working again I’ll update the sound files!)

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Chris Wood at Club inégales


Chris Wood at the club tomorrow! His song None The Wiser has been nominated by the BBC Radio 2 Folk Award 2014 for best original song, and he has been awarded folk musician of the year on multiple occasions. It is an honour to have him at the club this Thursday, April 3! Don’t miss this opportunity to hear a great multi-insrumentalist musician at work with the ever brilliant Notes Inégales band directed by Peter Wiegold. Cheap advance tickets available here:http://clubinégales8.eventbrite.co.uk

0 3 | 0 4 doors open @7pm
Powerful, political and visionary award winning guitarist and folk singer


CCMP presents: Distractfold Ensemble in Brunel composer workshop

df reading session


Distractfold ensemble reads new pieces for string trio by postgraduate composition students at Brunel University.

Works by Adam Bell, Oliver Brignall, Matthew London, and Paul McGuire will be workshopped…

Wednesday 9 April, 11:00–14:00 Room AA109, Antonin Artaud Building Brunel University, UB8 3PH free event – all welcome


FRANK GRIFFITH / JULIAN MARC @ Pizza Express Jazz Club Soho


Show Time 8:30pm / Doors Open 7:00pm
Thu-03-Apr (7:00pm) – £20.00

Frank Griffith (clarinet), Julian Marc Stringle (clarinet), Dominic Ashworth (guitar), Neil Angilley (piano), Chris Dodd (bass), Mike Bradley (drums) with David Brodowski, Catrin Win Morgan (Violins), Felix Tanner (Viola), Reinoud Ford (Cello).

To kick off String Quartet Festival we have two of the UK’s finest jazz clarinettists, Frank Griffith and Julian Marc Stringle. Frank’s performance will feature the London premiere of his composition ‘Round About’ and ‘Taking Five’ – a fantasy on the Dave Brubeck classic arranged by Nigel Waddington. Julian Marc Stringle and the Dream Band will join forces with the Brodowski Quartet to perform their brilliant fusion of jazz-funk and classic melodies. ‘Its Clazzical’ appeals to both jazz lovers and classical audiences. His set will include everything from Rimsky Korsakov’s ‘Scheherazade’ to Jobim’s ‘One Note Samba’ and Sir John Dankworth’s ‘Lyric Fantasy’.


Frank Griffith Marching in the Spring – Hillingdon on Friday


Spring Festival @ Club Inégales


Dear all,

Our spring festival is coming – featuring Janek Schaefer, Chris Wood and Ria Lina.

From the beginning: “Janek’s first sound-work, ‘Recorded Delivery’, remains one of the wittiest and most interesting in the field of Sound Art. It is elegant, economical and clever, and makes me wish I’d thought of it first.” (Brian Eno) and since: “avant-turntable heaven, London’s coolest audio architect” (Sonic Arts Network, London). Janek is an all-embracing sound artist and charismatic host who on 27th March will take over the whole club space and present 2 new pieces along with Notes Inégales musicians.

Chris Wood, BBC Folk Musician of the Year 2011, can sing one note and transport you through sheer warmth and soulfulness. On 3rd April we will include songs written with Martin Butler as part of our (first) ‘club parables’ commissions.

Ria Lina is an up-and-coming, edgy, comedian. Expect uncensored references to various parts of the body from 6ft away. She is a musician, playing ukulele, and just like with the lovely John Hegley last season, we also look forward to going on musical journeys with her on 10th April.

The previous evening, 9th April, she will join the Institute of Composing ‘rants’ evening (in collaboration with the Brunel Centre for Comedy Studies Research), looking at humour/timing/wit and music. Including the ever-erudite Martin Butler claiming there is no such thing as humour in music – but perhaps wit in Haydn and Ligeti.

Lots not to miss, from Haydn to the ukelele, from sonic explosions to gracious songs. From body to soul. Trailer below and a glimpse of us playing with Howard Skempton.

best wishes,
Peter Wiegold                                    Artistic Director

CCMP presents: LEAFCUTTER JOHN Playing with light

Brunel University Associated Artist Leafcutter John presents his Light Controlled Music System. Get a sneak peak at the system that John will be using to tour with Imogen Heap this year and next.

leafcutter masterclass-

Monday 24 March 17:00
Room AA109, Antonin Artaud Building
Brunel University, UB8 3PH
free event – all welcome

 134357 CCMP-small

CCMP presents: Alessandro Bosetti Performative Conversations

bosetti seminar


Alessandro Bosetti is a composer, performer and sound artist currently based in Berlin. Most of his works delve on musicality of spoken language and sonorous aspects of verbal communication.


Antonin Artaud Building 109, Brunel University, UB8 3PH

Thursday 25 March at 17:00.

All welcome – free event

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VinyLive – Get your tickets now!


It’s coming. The event to end all events… While attendance is free, you do need to reserve a ticket to get in to see the show. To reserve yours, click the photo and follow the link. Quick and easy…

Sunday Morning with Kristijonas Dirsė


Audiovisual artist and musician with great interest in contemporary music, Kristijonas Dirsė, currently studying Film and Music in Brunel University after graduating National M. K. Ciurlionis School of Arts in Lithuania as a conductor states “I have decided to explore the fields of art through a wider lens, and Brunel provides you with a proper fisheye lens”.

A few words from this Brunel 3rd year student: I am interested in the synthesis of various different medias, for me the most fascinating way to combine all those in one is film. I’m participating in film, performance and visual arts projects as a performer, producer and director.

In Brunel I was involved with a multi-platform arts night featuring the works of School of Arts students. I’ve discovered arts@artaud in my first year and performed my composition for the audience for the first time in my life. In the second year, my composition inspired by Kafka’s novel Castle was performed there too. second year I have shown some of my short films, one of which was accompanied with a live improvised soundtrack, helped out with the marketing of the event and did some promotional videos.

Follow the links in the text and below for examples of the work from this very well traveled composer/photographer/film maker…

Recent dance film Treeo is taking part in international dance film festivals Cinedance (Netherlands) and Avayava (India).
Non-narrative visual work:
audiovisual installation for the Bionics event B.I.O.N.I.C.S.
visuals for a contemporary music piece “Going Out of the Mirror” 


M is for Mentor


Christopher Fox as composer mentor…

Originally posted on Ruthless Jabiru:

We’ve had two Portfolio composer workshops with Ruthless Jabiru now and the three pieces are close to being finished. Each composer has taken their own approach to working with Kelly and the orchestra. Eugene Birman’s piece was more or less ready at the first workshop and so for him the process has been one of refinement. Imago Dei is a piece full of contrast – from flickering clouds of notes, to rich harmonies, to the sounds of the players’ breath – and the challenge is in navigating these contrasts.

Michael Cryne, on the other hand, came to the first workshop with the beginnings of his Slipstream, almost as if he was checking that he was on the right track. He was, and for the second workshop he had a finished score which follows those opening ideas through to an exhilarating conclusion. It’s music which, once the notes are securely under the…

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CCMP presents: Ring modulators, feedback and matrices: Realizing Stockhausen for the Digital Age

CCMP Stockhausen

Newton Armstrong, Carl Faia and Christopher Fox discuss their versions of Karlheinz Stockhausen‘s Mantra, Solo, and Plus-Minus.

Monday 10 March 16:00 Room GB033, Gaskell Building Brunel University  free event – all welcome


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Cameron Graham Sensing Spaces

cameron-graham-25101Since the 25th of January, the Royal Academy of Arts has a new exhibition called Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined... Intrigued by Sensing Spaces? Check out Sensing Sounds an amazing collaboration with the Royal College of Music. We’ve commissioned six composers to create pieces in response to the exhibition’s installations, which will then be performed in situ over the course of a very special evening.

Brunel alumnus, Cameron Graham, has composed Diastole, (for voice, violin and alto flute) in response to the installation created by Li Xiaodong, Diastole refers to a type of expansion and ‘swelling’ that occurs throughout the piece…

Musicians include Brunel music student Sophie Cunningham (voice); Clarice Rarity (violin); Philippa Mercer (alto flute). What a great way to spend Monday evening…

Royal Academy of Arts, In the Main Galleries, Burlington House 

Monday, 10 March 2014, 7.30–9pm

18 / £9 reductions (students, jobseekers and people with disabilities)

Book now

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CCMP presents: Kaffe Matthews on Thursday


The next CCMP seminar will present Kaffe Matthews, who will introduce her work.

Awarded sound artist and composer Kaffe Matthews was born in Essex, England and lives and works in London.  Since 1990 she has made and performed new electro-acoustic music worldwide with a variety of things and places such as violin, theremin, wild salmon, Scottish weather, NASA scientists, bicycles, hammerhead sharks, school children, desert stretched wires and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. Currently she is researching interactive composition for outdoor enjoyment with sonic bicycles and live diffusion instruments for spatialized performance.

Antonin Artaud Building 109, Brunel University, UB8 3PH

Thursday 6 March at 18:00.

All welcome – free event

Kaffe Matthews seminar

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