Brunel University Institute of Composing Hosts Three Part Seminar on Arts Funding


Wednesday 12 November, 7.30pm-9.30pm, Club Inégales

In the first of our 3-part Autumn 2014 Funding Advisory Programme we invite you to a Seminar on funding for Composers and new music creators with speakers from Arts Council England, Brunel University and the Institute of Composing.

The evening will provide a primer on getting new work funded with a focus on ACE applications.  There will be a Q & A session and an invitation to create draft proposals for the one-to-one feedback sessions in Part II.

To Register your interest, please enter your name and email in the link here -> Funding.

Sunday in the Dark without David Wessel 1942-2014

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It is Sunday, a few days after the sad news that American psychoacoustician, mathematician, composer, improvisor, inventor, mentor and teacher David Wessel (B. 1942) had passed away from heart failure October 13 at the age of 72. I first met Wessel at IRCAM when I was there in the 90’s. Though he had left in 1988 to head the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies at UC Berkeley, he could sometimes be found in the halls of the Paris studios he helped develop from the hole in the ground it was in 1976 to the centre of creative technology would become. In fact, it seemed impossible to not run across his name on some report, article or theory published in-house or not be influenced by some practice or development that did not have his stamp on it somewhere. The mix of scientists, composers, engineers and “facilitators” also seemed to be as much due to his own mix of interests as those of Boulez’s official edict. Even after Wessel resigned to create another unique centre in California, he continued to have some invisible power within the institution where he had invested so much of his time and creativity. I think that whatever IRCAM is today, it is also because of his presence early on in the creation of that unique center of creation, pedagogy and technology.

There is a very good interview with Wessel to be found here -> Wessel on Max. It is here that his influence on music made with computers in sonic arts and “real-time” live electronics is clearly, though modestly, mentioned. There are also some pretty cool videos out there and I’ve included links to a couple of these at the end of this post. The thing is, you need to take your time and listen to what he is saying as well as showing. He is a very discreet magician… or painter. We will need to stand back to see the whole picture and connect the dots. His life and work are more than worthy of  study and certainly a book or two to shine some light on a intensely dense career. As of now, there is nothing out there… He will be missed.



Paul McGuire on Next Wave and his new piece Panels


Brunel PhD music composition student Paul McGuire on Next Wave…

Originally posted on The Sampler Blog:

It has been a privilege to take part in Sound and Music and NMC’s Next Wave. This generous programme afforded each of the composers the opportunity to write a new work for members of the London Sinfonietta and leading soloists, have it recorded and released by NMC, and then premiered at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2014. It was also a great chance to get to know the eleven other composers involved on a personal and professional level.

My mentor for this project was the acclaimed Dutch composer, Richard Rijnvos, and I chose to write for Oren Marshall (tuba), Sarah Nicolls (inside-out piano), Loré Lixenberg (mezzo-soprano), as well as the percussionist and the string players of the London Sinfonietta, with Garry Walker conducting. As a composer, I am interested in the grain of sound, and, in particular, sounds that are compositionally underused and considered incidental. I re-imagine the way…

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Peter Wiegold announces season 10 of Club Inégales


A range of guests from contemporary folk to free improvisers visit the Euston located club and join the unique form of the evenings: we play – they play – something new/improvised together. Opening the season will be Mercury Prize nominated Folk singer Sam Lee, For more information on the season, reserving tickets and signing up to the newsletter just follow this link -> Club Inégales.


zik : (Big) sheet music tablet reader is looking for crowd funding

20140910145930-main_zik_2This looks like a good idea at a good price point… If interested, you can find more info here -> zik.

John Croft Inside Out


John Croft will have two pieces performed during the Rare Earth concert during the Inside Out Festival (follow the link for more information on this ambitious festival). His revised and improved la terra lagrimosa..una luce vermiglia for cello and electronics will be performed by Séverine Ballon and …du second infini for piano will be performed by Mark Knoop. The entire program and more details can be found here  -> Rare Earth.

Performance Space (ALG10), College Building,
City University London, , EC1V 4PB
21 October 2014 at 7pm
Free concert

Brunel University London climbs the World University Rankings

THElogoAlways nice to know where we stand… Excerpts from the announcement on the Brunel website are below. Full article and links here -> THE.

Brunel has capped a successful summer by being named among the top 250 universities in the world.

The Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings has placed Brunel University London a band higher than last year, while confirming that quality of teaching on campus has improved every year since the rankings’ inception four years ago…

The annual rankings follow the announcement in August that 89% of students are satisfied with their Brunel experience, helping the University to climb 30 places in the National Student Survey (NSS).

Last month, the University’s Council confirmed its commitment to a further £150 million investment into the Uxbridge campus over the next five years.

Colin Riley: Hanging in the Balance

Here is a short documentary about the making of Colin Riley’s piece Hanging In The Balance (part of the ongoing Made To Resonate Project) working with Brunel alumni James Waterworth and Kristijonas Dirse. Enjoy.

On the latest issue of Tempo


Tempo. Some words on our old teammate Bob Gilmore (and his latest endeavor) by Tim Johnson, currently part of the Brunel Music team

Originally posted on The Rambler:

The October 2014 issue of Tempo has just dropped through the door, I think the fifth since its editorship passed from Malcolm Macdonald to Bob Gilmore last year. And it’s another good one: Gilmore is doing great stuff there. In his editorial he notes that one of the things he wanted to do with Tempo upon taking over was to shorten its remit 50 years closer to the present (ie music post-1950 rather than post-1900), and I’m liking the renewed focus very much indeed.

I’m particularly looking forward to reading Jennifer Iverson’s article on ‘Ligeti’s Dodecaphonic Requiem’, even if that is at the old end of the new music shelf. A lot of ideologically-driven guff gets spouted about Ligeti turning his back on serialism, and with it the tide of European music history towards the postmodern light. There are enough clues in the Requiem to suggest to anyone who cares to look (as Jonathan Bernard and others have…

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Harald Muenz in Schwitters: Konsequente Dichtung

752996If you missed the concert back in September, you now find the latest release of Harald Muenz‘s ensemble sprechbohrer performing, among other works, Kurt Schwitters’ “Sonate in Urlauten” (Sonata in Primal Sounds) “the prototypical work at the border between speech and music” on the Wergo label available here -> Ursonate und andere Konsequente Dichtung.Postkarte_Sprechbohrer_2014_vorne

Kickstarting a Limited edition LP: Vaucanson’s Muse

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Some colleagues are putting together a unique project for a limited edition LP. Even if you don’t have a phonograph, the object will be a collector… Information in the links on this page and the official page (with a cool video) is here -> Muse.

Tom Arthurs and Isambard Khroustaliov limited edition LP with specially commissioned artwork by Will Alsop and an essay by David ToopVaucanson’s Muse.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 14.32.05

CCMP presents: Jennifer Walshe on sound, text, reality hacking and the Internet

Walshe seminar
 Jennifer Walshe
16:30 Wednesday 8 October
ANTR 109, Brunel University
All are welcome!

These Hopeful Machines, or, Everything you always wanted to know about electronic music but were afraid to ask…


A six-part series on Radio New Zealand in which James Gardner traces a personal path through the evolving world of electronic music – and meets some of the people who made it happen.

A brilliant overflowing presentation of the past and present of electronic music with references and links galore. A treasure trove with many resources and sources, including Christopher Fox in the second part of the series, that will serve as a nice jumping off point for anyone interested in music with electronics, Sonic Art, experimental music and listening to some really great radio! Bookmark it -> These Hopeful Machines.


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Body, Space & Technology, now in its fourteenth year of publication, is an on-line interdisciplinary, innovative refereed journal that welcomes submissions from all aspects of contemporary arts and new technologies. As well as articles, perspectives and reviews of books we are actively seeking reviews of performance and visual and sonic art.
We would also like reports on related conferences, symposia and events.

Please see URL below for previous issues


**The Journal supports interactive sound and visual media**

Deadline for paper proposals  October 15th

”        for finalised material November 15th

Deadline for perspective, reviews and performance proposals November 1st

”        for finalised material November 15th

Publication Jan 2015:

susan.broadhurst at
mail at

BBC Broadcasts Jennifer Walshe’s set from The New Experimentalists @ Queen Elizabeth Hall


If you missed The New Experimentalists concert at the Southbank earlier this year (or want to relive the experience), you can catch Jennifer Walshe’s set next weekend on Hear And Now, presented by Sara Mohr-Pietsch, on BBC 3:

Saturday 27 September