Leafcutter John

Leafcutter John is an extraordinarily sensitive musician, combining the worlds of folk, electronic music, jazz and experimental improvisation to create amalgamated textures of beauty and playfulness.  He collaborates with many musicians and is at home playing a glass full of water in duet with a concert pianist as with controlling his laptop via handheld Playstation and Wii controllers alongside a frenetic, inventive jazz-based band (Polar Bear).
He is a fabulous fit for the Music department at Brunel as he encourages individual expression and a searching use of technology.  He will be giving two main workshops in the year and these will be complimented by performances and a seminar presentation. He also teaches several students who have laptop as their main instrument.  A real pioneer in the use of specific software, he is admired throughout the world on forums but he combines this with a passion for live performance and conveying the heart of the music through whatever means are available.  He can challenge students who are used to spending time coding into getting up on a stage and making their performance communicate to a live audience.
He has built his own acoustic guitar, makes his own microphones and frequently builds sound-making devices to compliment his set up of balloons and percussion.  In his workshops, he will direct students into building their own microphones and help them discover new and interesting ways of capturing sounds that we think of as inaudible.
More info (sound, video, text, photos) can be found here -> http://www.leafcutterjohn.com.


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