Music at Brunel University London: Clearing a New Programme

BA Brunel Music

We have created a new BA in Music at Brunel University London starting in September. There are a few places left this year, and you might be looking around for the right place, where you will learn what you need to do to be heard. We have constructed a programme that has a freedom of movement while maintaining a solid backbone in the craft and practice necessary in any musical activity. We are genre agnostic. The programme is not confined to one kind of music or musical activity. If you want to make beats or produce, compose or songwriter, arrange or remix, we have a stream of study that will help you along your way. You might also discover that the app you use to make beats, cans also be used for sound design and composing for film… or vice versa!

Your teachers are all working musicians and we have decades of combined experience to share with our students. We understand the real world of music making and we prepare you for that world. For now, we have a small cohort and have been able to develop bespoke programmes for students (check our NSS scores). We know everyone by name and we often include students in our professional activities. We think of you as future colleagues, and the training and experience you get with us reflect this approach.

Have a look at the new programme. Click on the links to our personal sites and projects. Google us. If you think you might fit in here, then call clearing and schedule an interview (Skype or telephone).

Dr Carl Faia, FHEA
Lecturer in Digital Programmes and Music
Admissions Tutor
Arts and Humanities
Brunel University London


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Brunel University London Sonic Arts Concert Louie Marlow