Christopher Fox’s Sea to the West


61D5O4BsjFL._SS500.jpgFanfare — a highly respected, although really old-fashioned looking magazine specialising in CD reviews and related subjects published 6 times a year in door-stop sized tomes for the serious record collector — has a most laudatory review of Christopher Fox’s music and the performance by soprano Elizabeth Hilliard on the recently released Metier CD.

Christopher Fox’s music is never less than fascinating: His Sea to the West of 2014 uses sine-tones “to create a series of sonic horizons,” as well as using playback, as the piece goes on, of snippets Hilliard has previously sung—musical memories, in fact, and appropriately that is what the poem, by Norman Nicholson, is about…

Check out the entire review here -> Sea to the West, and while there, have a look around the Fanfare website (I know, not the most prettiest thing to look at, but you will find some great content!).