BobFest: The World According to Bob

screenshot-2016-09-22-13-15-22After his massively untimely death in January 2015, we celebrated the life of our dear friend and colleague Bob Gilmore with a two day event at Café OTO and City University London this past March. The BBC recorded the event and you can Hear and Now it until the 3rd of October (or record it with some sneaky software and listen to it as often as you like). If you’re not in the UK, too bad for you (or just grab a cheap VPN and listen to it anywhere, there is always a way!).

And just to keep the fun rolling, Tempo will publish in October a Festschrift for Bob Gilmore comprising five of the talks given during the BobFest — Frank Denyer, Paul Griffiths, Sam Richards, Marc Sabat and Kevin Volans.

And if you miss that particular Bob timbre (like I do), you can always find his voice and some of his enlightening courses in podcast form here -> Tentative Affinities, and hear some of his playing with Trio Scordatura on the album, Natural Science, below. Then there are the books, the articles…