The World According to Bob

Two days of Music and Talks around the work of our late colleague and friend 

Bob Gilmore

 City University London, 1st & 2nd March 2016 
A Night of Irish Music 
at Café OTO, 2nd March 2016

Tuesday 1st March 2016
11.30 Welcome

11.40 Concert 1: Preface

Harry Partch Archytas’ Enharmonic arr. by Bob Gilmore
Harry Partch The Rose
Marc Sabat Gioseffo Zarlino
Harry Partch By the Rivers of Babylon

SCORDATURA: Alfrun Schmid voice, harp, Reinier van Houdt Chromelodeon/keyboard, Elisabeth Smalt viola, Adapted Viola, Lucas van Helsdingen bass clarinet, Samuel Vriezen Kithara I, with special guest John Schneider voice and Adapted Guitar I

12.00 Paper Session 1: Performance Space

Chair: Catherine Laws

Christopher Fox: The Climate since Bob Gilmore

Jennifer Walshe: Hacking History and Re-Imagining Ireland

14.00 Concert 2: Frank Denyer: the hidden voice

Viola, Woman and Crow (2004)… Whispers 1–7 (2010)… A Fragile Thread 1 (1979)… Whispers 10–12 (2010)… A Fragile Thread 2 (1979)… Woman with Jinashi Shakuhachi (2008) with a new Epilogue for Bob (2016)

Elisabeth Smalt viola, Kiku Day shakuhachi, Benjamin Marquise Gilmore violin, Frank Denyer voice

15.00 Paper Session 2: Lecture Theatre AG21

Chair: Frank Denyer

John Schneider: Partch: ReGenesis of a Music

Sam Richards: The Global and the Local Based on personal conversations with Bob Gilmore,

16.00 Concert 3: Intermezzo

Christopher Fox The Dark Road
Anton Lukoszevieze Score Lexicon

Anton Lukoszevieze, cello

16.30 Paper Session 3: Lecture Theatre AG21

Chair: Trevor Wiggins

Marc Sabat: Composing with tuneable intervals

Kevin Volans: Art begins where Craftsmanship Ends

Paul Griffiths: A Little of What We Lost

19.00 Concert 4: Nicola Vicentino: a second life

Nicola Vicentino Madonna il poco dolce
Yannis Kyriakides Poco dolce, molto amaro
Harald Muenz allo studio con Nicola
John Croft Soav’e dolc’ardore
Nicola Vicentino Soav’e dolc’ardore
hans w. koch iI poco dolce
Anne La Berge Languid sighs
Lucia D’Errico Madonna il poco dolce
Scott Mc Laughlin Untitled (for Bob)
Christopher Fox Dolce…pianto
Linda Buckley Musica prisca caput
Nicola Vicentino Musica prisca caput

Excepting the Vicentino—all UK premières, composed 2014 or 2015

SCORDATURA & guests: Alfrun Schmid voice, Elisabeth Smalt viola, Reinier van Houdt keyboard, Benjamin Marquise Gilmore violin, Lucas van Helsdingen bass clarinet, coffee grinder

19.45 Interval

20.00 Concert 4 (cont.): Gilmore String Quartet with Alfrun Schmid voice

Claude Vivier Quatuor à cordes no.1 (1968)
Walter Zimmermann Novalis Fragment ‘for Bob’ (2015)
Kevin Volans Movement for String Quartet (1987)
John Cage String Quartet in Four Parts (1950)

Benjamin Marquise Gilmore violin, Sijie Chen violin, Hannah Shaw viola, Christian Elliott cello

Wednesday 2nd March 2016

11.00 Concert 5: Preface

Marc Sabat Bob Gilmore, Elisabeth Smalt (2015)
François-Bernard Mâche Kubatum from the songcycle Kengir, chants d’amour sumériens
Claude Vivier Tao Tao Tao

Benjamin Marquise Gilmore violin, Hannah Shaw viola (Sabat)
Scordatura: Alfrun Schmid voice, tubular bells, Elisabeth Smalt Adapted Viola, Reinier van Houdt keyboard, Lucas van Helsdingen bass clarinet, Samuel Vriezen glockenspiel

11.15 Paper Session 4: Performance Space

Chair: Trevor Wiggins

Frank Denyer: Some Questions that Remain

John Croft: Spectral Music and the Taming of Sonority Spectral music

12.10 Concert 6: Harry Partch: the Truth about Tune

Harry Partch December 1942
Harry Partch Two Psalms
Harry Partch Barstow
Harry Partch Li Po Songs
Harry Partch Dark Brother

John Schneider voice, Adapted Guitar I, Adapted Viola; Alfrun Schmid voice; Elisabeth Smalt Adapted Viola; Reinier van Houdt Chromelodeon (keyboard version); Samuel Vriezen, Kithara; Lucas van Helsdingen, indian drum

14.00 Paper Session 5: Lecture Theatre AG21

Chair: Catherine Laws

Scott Mc Claughlin: All Young Composers need a Bob in their Lives

Linda Buckley: Bob Gilmore as Guiding Light for New Music in Ireland

14.40 Concert 7: Intermezzo

Claude Vivier Pièce pour Violon et Piano (1975)
Patrick Ozzard-Low Four Piano Pieces (2013-16)

Benjamin Marquise-Gilmore (violin), Andrew Zolinsky (piano), Patrick Ozzard-Low (piano)

15.05 Round Table Discussion

Chair: Christopher Fox

16.00 Concert 8: Horatiu Radulescu

Radulescu Lux Animae for solo cello (1996)
Radulescu Piano Sonata No 2 op. 82 (1990-91)
Rădulescu Exil Intérieur op.98 Sonata for cello and piano (1997)

Catherine Tunnell cello, Ian Pace piano

The programme continues with ‘A Night of Irish Music’ at Café OTO from 8pm
Deirdre McKay For Bob
Elisabeth Smalt viola

Kevin Volans For Bob
Elisabeth Smalt viola, Kevin Volans piano

Ailís Ní Riain Into The Sea of Waking Dreams
Ailís Ní Riain piano & voice

Linda Buckley fridur
Andrew Zolinsky piano

Scott Mc Laughlin Blues for Horatiu
Reinier van Houdt piano

Jennifer Walshe Historical Documents of the Irish Avant-Garde Vol. 1: Dada
Jennifer Walshe voice


Karen Power (electronics) & John Godfrey (guitar)
duo improvisation

Garrett Sholdice I remember Bob
Michelle O’Rourke voice, Garrett Sholdice piano,
Benedict Schlepper-Connolly synthesizer

Benedict Schlepper-Connolly Cyan
Benedict Schlepper-Connolly violin

Donnacha Dennehy Bulb
Elizabeth Cooney violin, Kate Ellis cello, Andrew Zolinsky piano

with texts by Bob Gilmore read by Bernard Clarke and Toner Quinn