The world according to Bob

A Bob Gilmore Festival! Kickstarted.

The Rambler

When Bob Gilmore died at the start of this year, the world of new music lost a major figure, a crucial supporter, enabler and friend to many within the scenes in Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands. For myself, I admired him especially for his writing, a model of clarity, lucidity and acuity that we would all do well to emulate. But such was Bob’s polymathery that everyone could find something different to admire, whether it was as a teacher, a musicologist, a performer, an editor or just an infectious enthusiast with an endlessly searching pair of ears.

To celebrate Bob’s life, his partner, the violist Elisabeth Smalt, has put together a two day festival of Bob-related concerts and talks to take place in London on 1st and 2nd of March next year. There will be talks around Bob’s work and legacy, as well as some of the musical topics that particularly interested him; and a series…

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