Music at Brunel presents: BORED TO DEATH by Jetpack Bellerive

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Weds 4 March, 18:30 –

Artaud Performance Centre – Brunel University London, UB8 3PH

After The Mistake I Am, a second multimedia project entitled BORED TO DEATH is emerging from the collective Jetpack Bellerive. This project involves 2 musicians, 9 composers, 4 artists and an academic, with artistic direction by participating musicians Noëlle-Anne Darbellay and Samuel Stoll and artist Francisco Sierra.

Noëlle-Anne Darbellay (b.1980 CH), violin
Samuel Stoll (b. 1979 CH), horn

Olivier Brignall (b. 1986 UK)
Stephen Crowe (b.1979 UK)
Timothy McCormack (b.1984 USA)
Aleksandra Gryka (b.1977 PL)
Juliana Hodkinson (b.1971 UK)
Max Murray (b.1980 CAN)
Michael Pelzel (b.1978 CH)
Niklas Seidl (b.1983 D)
Lars Werdenberg (b.1979 CH)
Stefan Wirth (b.1975 CH)

Taus Makhacheva (b.1983 RUS)
Shana Moulton (b.1976 USA)
Camillo Paravicini (b.1987 CH)
Francisco Sierra (b.1977 CH/CL)

For BORED TO DEATH these composers and artists engage with TV series and translate this into artistic form. The topic of the TV series – a subject that is societally relevant – is brought into a completely new context. The form and manner of translation have been left entirely up to each composer and artist. In so doing, only one condition must be fulfilled: the piece must deal with the
products of popular television seriality.

Contemporary music meets contemporary television; anti-narrative formal art encounters an epic narrative format; and the acoustic search for the unfamiliar meets a visual medium that continually constructs and replicates that which is all too familiar. A transformative encounter could not be any more different – which is exactly what makes the project BORED TO DEATH so exciting. At the heart of the project are 9 new works (premieres) for violin and horn. From the outset of the project there will be intensive collaboration between the musicians and the composers. The two video artists, Moulton and Makhacheva, will also create their works using the two musicians as actors. Artists Sierra and Paravicini are developing interventions that will be presented live within
the project, to complete the performance-concert.