Sunday with Bob Gilmore and his podcasts galore…

BobGilmoreDear friend and ex-Brunel colleague, Bob Gilmore (of the famous Bob Gilmore Prize for Excellence in Musicology), has been busy making some rather hefty podcasts. Apparently, he still has time after all the teaching, researchingpublishing, editoring and performing he does (and it is no secret that he also had quite a full private life…). You can find these podcasts, for now, on his website here -> Tentative Affinities (would be nice if they found their way over to the iTunes Store to easily download them directly to our iplaythings). Not exactly the Dan Carlin of contemporary music podcasts (that ma be seen as a good thing), but with the same passion and depth, and, maybe, more focus and a distinctly Irish lilt. Bob takes apart a composer or theme per podcast (the first 45 minute long installment is on the English Composer [sic] Christopher Fox, someone with close connections to Bob and Trio Scordatura). Other podcasts are consecrated to Frank Denyer, Horatiu Radulescu, The Partch Effect, Ben Johnston: memories and reflections, Field recordings and new music, Canada: the music of Generation X, and more to come (it is, as he says, an ongoing project). In each of the podcasts there is music, historical background, examples as played by Bob to clarify a point or idea, biographical information, etc., etc., etc… and, again, lots of music. What a great way to spend a Sunday, listening to the lilting Irish intonations demystifying all those notes… or a nice companion in the ears on a commute between St Pancras and the far reaches of West London. We will be looking forward to further installations of Tentative Affinities.


So, what do you think?

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