John Croft: Let’s get Creative – Trinity Laban Research Seminar



John Croft will be talking about composing and collaboration in the first research seminar of the season at at Trinity Laban.

Let’s get Creative: Questioning Collaboration and Practice-as-Research

In academic and arts funding circles, composing – ‘mere’ composing – has become unfashionable. It has yielded to an over-emphasis on notions of collaboration, ‘border crossing’, and nebulous definitions of practice-based research that replace aesthetic originality with innovation in format or working method. This seminar will consider the possible sources of this fixation, including the culture of accountability, the adoption of business ideology in arts organisations and academia, the persistence of questionable ideas such as ‘brainstorming’, the ‘mash-up’ theory of creativity, and – more fundamentally – the assimilation of composition to ‘research’. These have given rise to a situation where what is peripheral tomusic is treated as central, and music as a domain of thought in its own right disappears under aims, objectives, strategies, and milestones.

5 November 2014, 17.15-18.15 in the Lecture Theatre, Laban Building and are followed by drinks in the Laban Bar – all welcome!

So, what do you think?

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