Third Ear Symposium at Southbank Centre




Third Ear (Ed McKeon and Julia Haferkorn) are at it again… this time they bring you the Third Ear Symposium at Southbank Centre coming July 4th. Info and links below.

The Dark Arts? Media, Culture & Spin

An international line-up of music promoters, programmers, producers, curators, funders, artists and composers join together for a day of talks and discussions to consider the changing relationship between the arts and the media.

Programme and Speakers

Session 1
The Arts, Media, and the Digital Environment

This will focus on arts organisation setting up their own media channels, publishing their own news and broadcasting their own content.

Speakers to include:

  • Matthew Caines, Editor, Guardian Culture Professionals Network
  • Chris ShipmanDigital Content Producer, Royal Opera House
  • Juha van ’t Zelfde, Artistic Director, Lighthouse, the digital culture agency
  • Lee Etherington, Creative Director, Tusk Music

Session 2
Fragmentation: Arts, Media and the Economy

As the media industries develop new business models, content provision has become ‘democratised’ and the professional role of arts journalism is being eroded. What are the challenges, and what are the opportunities?

Speakers to include:

  • Prof Jane Chapman, Professor of Communications, University of Lincoln
  • Lindsey Clarke, Editor,
  • Amanda Holloway, Editor, Sinfini Music
  • further speakers to be announced

Session 3
Metrocentricity – the ‘centre’ and the ‘margins’

With most of the ‘national’ media and arts organisations based in London, how do we connect with arts stories beyond the capital, and how might we value regional and specialist media. In this digital age, is geography still so important?

Speakers to include:

  • Jonty Claypole, Head of Arts, BBC
  • Nick Sherrard, Head of Development, Digital and Communications, Sound and Music
  • Helen Stallard, Helen Stallard PR
  • Jane Burton, Creative Director, Tate

During lunch we will hold 15-minute group PR surgeries with Helen Stallard, and short group workshops on creating your own media platform with Natalie Kane, Lighthouse.

Click here for booking -> Southbank Centre



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