Spring Festival @ Club Inégales


Dear all,

Our spring festival is coming – featuring Janek Schaefer, Chris Wood and Ria Lina.

From the beginning: “Janek’s first sound-work, ‘Recorded Delivery’, remains one of the wittiest and most interesting in the field of Sound Art. It is elegant, economical and clever, and makes me wish I’d thought of it first.” (Brian Eno) and since: “avant-turntable heaven, London’s coolest audio architect” (Sonic Arts Network, London). Janek is an all-embracing sound artist and charismatic host who on 27th March will take over the whole club space and present 2 new pieces along with Notes Inégales musicians.

Chris Wood, BBC Folk Musician of the Year 2011, can sing one note and transport you through sheer warmth and soulfulness. On 3rd April we will include songs written with Martin Butler as part of our (first) ‘club parables’ commissions.

Ria Lina is an up-and-coming, edgy, comedian. Expect uncensored references to various parts of the body from 6ft away. She is a musician, playing ukulele, and just like with the lovely John Hegley last season, we also look forward to going on musical journeys with her on 10th April.

The previous evening, 9th April, she will join the Institute of Composing ‘rants’ evening (in collaboration with the Brunel Centre for Comedy Studies Research), looking at humour/timing/wit and music. Including the ever-erudite Martin Butler claiming there is no such thing as humour in music – but perhaps wit in Haydn and Ligeti.

Lots not to miss, from Haydn to the ukelele, from sonic explosions to gracious songs. From body to soul. Trailer below and a glimpse of us playing with Howard Skempton.

best wishes,
Peter Wiegold                                    Artistic Director


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