The future of concrète*… Journées Nationales de l’Electroacoustique


Qu’est-ce que la  musique électroacoustique ? Ce n’est pas de l’électro, ce n’est pas non plus l’amplification d’un instrument. C’est l’Art du Sonore. (What is electroacoustic music? It’s not elctro (pop/dance), it’s not the amplification of an instrument. This is the Art of Sound.)

The 13th edition of this particular festival of electroacoustic music started the 26th of November and will run through the 4th of December in the French city of Amiens. A variety of “straight” tape based music along with mixed works, dance, workshops, installations and student concerts will be presented. December 1st you can hear the premier of Ring, a new work with live electronics and video by the collective Yukari Bertocchi, Katérini Antonakaki, Vincent Ciciliato and André Dion recently in residence at Art Zoyd Studios with Carl Faia. Later the same day, Michel Chion and François Bayle will be present for a concert of their more recent works. Click here to download the program  -> 13èmes Journées Nationales de l’Electroacoustique.


*Musique concrète


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