EFG London Jazz Festival at Club Inégales


From Peter Weigold, Artistic Director Club inégales:

Dear all,

This is our first collaboration with the London Jazz Festival, 2 nights next week 21/22.

Byron Wallen was the very first guest suggested for the club, this is his 3rd visit, and we look forward again to his soaring powerful playing, from soulful blues to raucous and free. Hyelim Kim plays the exquisite traditional music of the Korean taegŭm but also, in the way of many young international players, has collaborated with jazz, electronic and other musicians.

There will be some great jamming this night by three fabulous out-front players, because they are also joined by own trumpet Torbjörn Hultmark. AND we present the first view of our new CD, envoi, a homage to Miles Davis an extended feature for Torbjörn.

Next night, Friday 22nd, we welcome Raymond MacDonald and Miguel Carvalhais, favourites of the London Jazz Festival. Raymond a very beguiling and sympathetic free player, Miguel a highly inventive and provocative electronics performer.

And, as ever, on both nights, we play – the guest plays – then they join us for some spontaneous pieces created in the afternoon and guided by my conducting signals.

Do join us! Food (from the lovely Comforts Kitchen) and bar from 7pm.

best wishes,  Peter Wiegold, Artistic Director.

book your advance tickets here

21  | 1 1  Byron Wallen (UK) & Hyelim Kim (Korea)(7pm)

22 | 1 1  Raymond MacDonald (UK), saxophone & Miguel Carvalhais (Portugal), electronics(7pm)



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