Club inégales present: John Hegley



From Peter Weigold, Artistic Director Club inégales:

John Hegley might be described as a national treasure. It’s simple – mention his name, and everyone smiles. We are delighted he will join us for an unpredictable evening of songs, poetry and improv. Recent reviews: ‘John Hegley is to potatoes what Wordsworth has been to daffodils’ (Observer) ‘Comedy’s poet laureate'(Independent) and ‘the Peter Kay of poetry’ (Telegraph)

We will meet in afternoon, work together on some of his songs and poems and he will improvise with us in the evening. He will have his mandolin; we include our tight rhythm section, Ben Markland and Simon Limbrick, and the mellifluous saxophone of Christian Forshaw.

It’s been very busy lately with the soulful Egyptian musicians of Nass Makan and last night the haunting entrancing Horomona Horo. Do join us when you can…

07  | 1 1  John Hegley (UK) Performance poet, comedian & musician (7pm)



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