Club inégales present: THE PEOPLE OF MAKAN


2 4  | 1 0 / Nass Makan took part in the Cadogan Hall concert last night. A wonderful group of musicians from Sudan, Nubia and Egypt, including the most bluesy, blowsy exquisitely tuned trumpet playing you ever heard.

Last weekend The Guardian described how they deal with the Cairo curfew by playing all night: Cairo under curfew: video art, screenings and jams till dawn. At 2pm tomorrow my players meet them at the club and let’s see what happens. Food/bar at 7pm, music 8pm, no curfew. ( Book now!)

best wishes,

Peter  Weigold, Artistic Director

There will be an opportunity to play with Nass Makan at the workshop on Saturday:

2 6  | 1 0
NASS MAKAN & PETER WIEGOLD WORKSHOP (11-5)A special opportunity to join and play with Peter Wiegold and Nass Makan, director Ahmed El Maghraby.
All Welcome. Some instruments provided. Book now!



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