Club Inégales announces the 2013 Autumn Season



Club Inégales is delighted to announce the events of our 7th Season. Director Peter Wiegold and the musicians of notes inégales with special guests:
24 OCT
Nass Makan (Egypt)

North African traditional musicians 26 OCT
Makan Musicians & Peter Wiegold workshop

an exchange with club MAKAN Cairo, director Ahmed El Maghraby.

31 OCT
Horomona Horo (NZ)

Maori taonga puoro 

Horomona Horo & Peter Wiegold workshop

New Zealand’s leading master of the Maori taonga puoro (singing treasures), shamanistic tradition.

John Hegley (UK)

Performance poet, comedian, musician; a national treasure!

21 NOV
London Jazz Festival 
Byron Wallen (UK) & Hyelim Kim (Korea)

Two collaborations with the London Jazz Festival the first featuring our old friend, wonderful jazz trumpet Byron Wallen and virtuosic young Korean taegŭm player Hyelim Kim. 

** on the 21st we will also launch our new CD ‘Envoi’
recorded in Switzerland a homage to Miles Davis featuring our trumpet Torbjorn Hultmark (Sweden!).

22 NOV
London Jazz Festival 
Raymond McDonald (UK)

On the 22nd acclaimed sax improviser Raymond McDonald, who has collaborated with musicians such as David Byrne,
Jim O’Rourke and Marilyn Crispell.

12 DEC 
  Inégales Christmas Party!
Op Sa! (Serbia/Macedonia/Bosnia)
Christmas is coming and we welcome the illustrious return
of the wonderful Balkan Brass Band!


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