Institute of Composing: Rants!

image002An open letter from Peter Wiegold with information on dates and a call for suggestions for the upcoming autumn season of Rants!

Dear all,

I do hope you had a good summer…


 We have had a lot of interest in the new Institute of Composing series – ‘Rants’ – and confirm the autumn 2013 dates will be:

Wednesdays 16th October, 6th November and 4th December

At 6.30pm at club inégales, Euston. The events are free but please register with us if you will be attending.

Each evening 3 speakers will present contrasting views on the state of the contemporary composing world, each speaking for 10 minutes, followed by general debate with all present.
So far we have had suggestions for themes such as, ‘humanism vs. spirituality in music’,‘understanding funders’, ‘the role of improvisation’, and ‘technique vs. voice in learning’.

More suggestions are welcome!

Now the nights are drawing in, please get back to me as soon as possible with your ideas. Topics can be about: craft; an aspect of a well-known composer’s work; cultural; strategic; or, just plain frustrated!

You might be a practitioner or audience enthusiast, writer, teacher, funder, an artistic leader…you might be from any sort of musical background… but out there will be ideas that can change how we make music, understand music, and share it with our audiences.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions, and seeing you at the ‘Rants’ Series 1!

best wishes,


Professor Peter Wiegold

Head of Music Research, Brunel University, Director of the ‘Institute of Composing’, and BICMEM, the ‘Brunel Institute for Contemporary Middle-Eastern Music’,



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