Jennifer Walshe has “Good Teeth” and the rest is noise…

Good Teeth album launch






Migro Records present Good Teeth by Panos Ghikas (e-drums, viola, some objects) and Jennifer Walshe (voice, trumpet, other objects), a vinyl album launch and concert coupled with a rare Bohman Brothers appearance (yes objects, texts).
Lo and Behold, 2b Swanfield Street, E2 7DS.
Date 28 June 2013, Time 7:30, Entrance free


Bonus: if you missed it, a few weeks back Alex Ross made up an Anti-Anniversery Week as a  joint tribute to Wagner, who famously said “Kinder! macht Neues!” (“Children, make something new!”), and to Stravinsky, the enfant terrible of 1913, I’ll be featuring younger composers this week, with an eye toward those who seem to be finding new sounds and new fusions.

You’ll find Jenny under A-AW6:


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