This is Paul McGuire… Irish Composer, prize winning PhD student at Brunel

Paul McGuire-Bio photograph 1200Paul McGuire, Irish composer studying here with Jennifer Walshe and Chrisotopher Fox, just won the German  Villingen-Schwenningen prize for his new work  Marshes (2013) for 6 electric guitars, 6 acoustic guitars and 2 acoustic basses (12 performers). You can find a Google translation of the German site here.

Bravo, Paul!

Info from the press release
The jury were delighted at the large number of submissions. They met on Monday February 4th to adjudicate the pieces, and after a lengthy discussion unanimously voted Paul McGuire’s Marshes as the winner.
“The radical nature of his compositional ideas and their careful craft and consistent implementation in the musical texture of his microtonal scale, point to a distinctive artistic independence”

You can click the photo above to go to Paul McGuire’s website and have a listen to the work below for an example of the radical nature of his compositional ideas… you won’t be disappointed!

So, what do you think?

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