Old Vinyl Factory Table Talks


Table Talks at The Old Vinyl Factory

Presented by broadcaster Emma B
6.30pm Sunday 17th – Tuesday 19th February
The Old Vinyl Factory, Hayes
Blyth Road

You are invited to the Table Talk series – an exciting three part debate taking place at the Old Vinyl Factory, Hayes. With an impressive line-up of guest speakers from BBC Radio 1, Live Nation, Festival Republic, Brunel University, Beggars Banquet Record and Spotify, broadcaster Emma B will discuss and evaluate the contemporary challenges facing various elements of the music industry (recorded, digital and live music). You will then have a chance to air your views too…!

6.30pm Sunday 17th  – ‘This house believes music has lost its cutting edge’ (recorded music)
6.30pm Monday 18th  – ‘This house believes in 2013 music can’t be owned’ (digital music)

6.30pm Tuesday 19th – ‘This house believes we are a ‘live nation’’’ (live music)

Please see programmes attached.

Places are limited, so please register your name and the session you wish to attend at:thomas.ryan@brunel.ac.uk

Do hope you will be able to take part in this very special event!

Table Talks_#1 RECORDED

Table Talks_#2 DIGITALTable Talks_#3 LIVE


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