CCMP Presents: Frank Denyer discusses his music +

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Music history needs a special category for those composers who, with their three-score years knocking ominously at the door and a substantial body of compositions already behind them, find their life’s work unengraced by an entry in the New Grove. Such is the case with Frank Denyer, born in London in 1943… Yet however dismal the implications of such institutional neglect (insignificance! marginality! obscurity!), all may not yet be lost: there are signs today of a counter-trend, the growing recognition by a number of contemporary musicians that the body of work Denyer has created over the past forty years is – just maybe – one of the better-kept secrets of English music. (from Bob Gilmore in The Musical Times, Spring 2003).

Questions from Ethnomusicology and their residue: Frank Denyer discusses his music. This Wednesday 13 February at 17:00, he’ll be in Room GB012, Gaskell Building, Brunel University, UB8 3PH. The seminar is free and open to all.

CCMP seminar 13 Feb 2013




2 thoughts on “CCMP Presents: Frank Denyer discusses his music +

  1. I think anybody interested in music should check out this talk. Really.

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