Kate Halsall Maché | Miniaturised Concertos #2

Excellent blog with important information about upcoming concerts and opportunities to write for, and be played by, professional musicians… To follow!

Kate Halsall

Resonating Objects

Maché- Ongoing Call for Scores, album project

Miniaturised Concertos project for piano duo, has an ongoing Call for multi composer collaboration, Maché, which includes ideas/scores/images/texts/other materials which began with a residency at The Banff Centre in Canada. The 5 commissions and Maché collections will be released on Metier Label. Next deadline 15th December 2013. 

The first call went out in Autumn 2012 and so far includes ideas from Emma Ruth RichardsAndrew MorganRich PerksHelen PapaioannouDominic MurcottRowland SutherlandRichard Glover and Joel Bell.

Email Kate if you’d like to discuss having work included, or see the Maché Call outline here

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