Don’t try this at home… CCMP Presents Luk Vaes


doneThe Centre For Contemporary Music Practice* will present a talk/concert on the fine art of improper piano playing by and with Luk Vaes (member of the Orpheus Instituut) in AA109, Antonin Artaud Building, Wednesday 30 January 17:30.

Luk Vaes has collaborated with  composers such as Earle Brown, Mauricio Kagel, Lou Harrison, Frederic Rzewski, Ned Rorem, George Crumb, Kevin Volans, Helmut Lachenmann, John Cage or Edison Denisow  to create new works for piano, especially written for him in most cases, while very active in the TV and radio recordings as well as performing solo recitals throughout the word. Hi is also an active organizer of concerts and festivals. Clikck on the link to download his doctoral thesis, Extended piano techniques : in theory, history and performance practice.


*You can find the latest CCMP Seminar Series here.CCMP-logo


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