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Life After Brunel Alumni Forums*

Eight former students from Brunel returned to campus this month to provide insights into various aspects of professional life in the outside world. Each spoke about their particular careers to our current second and third years as part of our L.A.B. days. They discussed the highs and lows since graduating with their music degrees and answered in depth questions about the world of work. As well as providing all-important contacts in the industry for our students, the alumni themselves networked with each other and there was a great atmosphere around the events. It was good to see many old faces again, and we now plan to gather much more information about our graduates to form a database of industry skills for future events and activities. A short documentary film featuring all eight alumni is being edited for use both as guidance to current students and for admissions. 
From left to right:
Jon Pool (music therapist), Romy Summers (promotions/venue and record label admin), Lucy Lockwood (music teacher/instrumental teaching), and Dave Smith (percussionist/ensemble director).
From left to right:
Nick Giles (venue manager/artistic director), James Tucker (former session musician/education buisness manager), Reavennan Husbandes (singer-songwriter), and Dwain Bedford (music teacher)
*We use LAB for Life After Brunel in the context of final year undergraduates and alumni, but the same initials can be used for Life at Brunel for those first year undergraduates and prospective students looking for more information about Brunel. These meetings are, usually, open to all.

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