Composing Now!

The Brunel Institute of Composing and the LSO Soundhub Invite you to a forum:
Composing Now’ on 23 January 2013, 6:30 – 8pm.
club inégales, 180 North Gower Street, NW1 2ND

From Peter Wiegold Director of the ‘Institute of Composing’  and the ‘Brunel Institute for Contemporary Middle-Eastern Music’:

We have invited 6 young composers to curate and lead a debate about the important issues for emerging composers today: from philosophy to practice, to building a profile and career. The composers are: Joe Bates, Oliver Brignall, Cevanne, Adam de la Cour, Neil Luck, and Ed Nesbit. They will discuss such issues as: music and money, notions of ‘success’, the problems inherent in the term ‘classical’, the traditions of pop and eclecticism, and attitudes to and from the audience.

Do please join us and RSVP to the Institute of Composing so we can save you a

The bar will open at 6pm and drinks will be offered afterwards.

This debate is the third presented by the Institute of Composing. The first – The End of Literacy? – was at the Southbank Centre, on 13 July 2012, and featured Richard Causton, Gillian Moore, Paul Morley, and Mark Ravenhill. The second – Contemporary Music Journalism – was at Foyles, on 12 October 2012, with Michael Church, Ed McKeon, Andy Hamilton, and John L. Walters.




Have a listen…

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