arts@artaud and a milkshake – THE place to be the 28th November

Our first event of this academic year and it’s shaping up to be a lovely evening
featuring music, drama, film, installations, sonic arts, spoken word and, yes, even milkshake! We even have a very reasonably-priced bar and DJ!

The doors open at 7pm and admission is only £1

The line-up of the evening:
1st Half:
Walls – Eleanor Cully & Gina Evangelatou
(A free improvisation duo consisting of vocalist Gina and vocalist and flautist Eleanor. )

Everyday Beauty – Martins Baumauris
(Piano improvisation with video.)

Horizons – James Daubney
(A solo composition written by James Daubney for acoustic guitar (2012).)

Writer/director – Melissa Izzet, Co-Director – Robert Parritt
Eliza: Jess Morton, Beth: Fiona Porritt, Film director – Izzy Khatkar
Gardens of Proserpine –Eleanor Cully & Gina Evangelatou
Kurt & Sid – Ben Donovan
Written by: Roy Smiles, Adapted by: Bronagh Lagen (2010)

Animals in Entropy – Julian Bryden
(Sonic composition)

Writer/director – Robert Parritt
Tony – Daniel Fernandez
John – Chris Allum
Composer – Luke Riley
Flim Director – Izzy Khatkar

Final Form – Harrison Atlee
(An a capella arrangement of the song ‘Final Form’)
Bolade Alake, Porscha Bennett-Skepple, Eleanor Cully, Sophie Cunningham, Michelle De Jong, Jonny Dos Santos, Rosha Fitzhowle, Adam Holloway, Katie Minien, Elliott O’Brart, Amy O’Donohoe, James Ratcliffe, Kaya Thomas-Dyke, Matt Wright with Cameron Graham on drums.

2nd Half:

Castle/Lock – Kristijonas Dirse
Voices: Gina Evangelatou, Rosha Fitzhowle, Yakinthi Lagiou, Hadrien Guez – Violin, James Ratcliffe – Saxophone (with electronics), Samuel Garnham – Piano, Mārtiņš Baumanis – Synthesizer, Peadar Ó Brádaigh – electronics.

Dinner – Bill Leahy
Swann, My Hero – Broderick Chow & Porscha Bennett-Skepple
(Performance combining musical theatre, solo performance, comedy and video.)

Madame Katastroff 
(Stand-up comedy)

+ In foyer:
Tomas Tojo – My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
(video installation)

One thought on “arts@artaud and a milkshake – THE place to be the 28th November

  1. Hey Ben, how did the monologue from KURT & SID go? Its the best thing I ever wrote. Thanks for thinking of my play. Roy Smiles

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