Jennifer Walshe, 3rd Ear, The Voice and the Lens

Have you heard, with any ear, about these guys?  In their own words: Third Ear provides extensive experience, expertise and networks across the new music scene. The Partners comprise Julia Haferkorn and Ed McKeon.

We make special mention of this only because they seem be exactly the sort of music production company (2 people, small group) interested in the other forms of the art.Check out their web site for some of the interesting activities both past and future. We will be keeping an eye and an ear on what they do…

Jennifer Walshe

As some of you may know, Jennifer Walshe has been busy makig music all over. Now, 3rd Ear ,  Sound and Music, the PRS for Music Foundation and our favorite Irish Brunel composer/performer/improviser will be providing enjoyment for our collective ears next week. The Voice and the Lens is a festival and exhibition exploring  the human voice. This starts Thursday the 8th and runs through November the 11th. There are a lot of artists participating, but you might want to make a special effort to be there on the 10th when Jennifer will presesent, along with a long list of artistic royalty (including Loré Lixenberg), a collaborative work. Info on the program and the venue is here -> Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.

Loré Lixenberg

Autumn Almanac: The Voice and the Lens Exhibition 08 November – 11 November 2012


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