Musicbru Spring Roundup

So much activity, so little time or, to paraphrase something overheard in Rotterdam recently, we don’t have enough time to be in a hurry… Here are some highlights of recent activites…

Ensemble Klang recently premiered Christopher Fox’s Schwarz-weiss as part of Slam, Pluck & Blow in Amsterdam…

Ensemble Klang performing Schwarz-weiss

Jennifer Walshe has been in Stuttgart working on her new opera, Die Taktik, commissioned by the Stuttgart Jungen Oper to be premiered later this month.

Trio Scordatura, with the Head again, Bob Gilmore, was seen performing here

The Artist’s Corner broadcast the collaborative radiophonic composition durch die vögel, a speech soundscape for John Cage by Harald Muenz (composition) and Florian Neuner (text). Live presentations will be given in Berlin (Villa Elisabeth on 9/9) and Cologne (Kunst-Station St Peter on 14/09). His schönes klavierstück has been selected by the German ISCM jury for the World Music Days in Belgium.

Peter Wiegold, busy as ever with notes inégales, has been even busier with the programming of the new club inégales.

Frank Griffith is nearly impossible to keep up with unless you go here -> Gigs, so you may have missed his recent passage through Paris and the hot jazz club Le caveau des légendes…

John Croft premiered his monodrama, Malédictions d’une furie, at the Turner Contemporary in Margate with a little help from Graeme Shaw, Carl Faia and others

Review of Malédictions d’une furie from The Times

 Sarah Nicolls has her hands full, seriously full… and then there’s BEAM just around the corner!

Dorkboat & Waterman’s Team up with BEAM

Frankenstein pops up in Colin Riley‘s revised chamber opera Science Fictions recently premiered by Alison Wells at Blackheath Concert Halls on 10th May and will be at the St Magnus Festival on Orkney the 25th of June. Colin, with his ensemble Homemade Orchestra, is also working with poet Michael Rosen on a new show for children about science and sound…

Carl Faia, after Margate and A Fury’s Curse, and then some serious “training” for JIM and a quick read in Mons, was seen here (Valenciennes) doing this and that, before heading to Rotterdam for a bit of early  Summer, just before the first ever Sound’up

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