hans g helms Fa:m’ Ahniesgwow sprechbohrer

Here is what our staff member Harald is doing when he is not composing (or teaching at Brunel):

Hans G Helms’s legendary experimental work of 1959, with the code-like title Fa: m’ Ahniesgwow, is now available as a complete recording for the first time, interpreted by the phonetic-musical speech-art-trio sprechbohrer (Georg Sachse – Harald Muenz – Sigrid Sachse, phonetic voices). This polyglot opus moves on the borderline between music and language: Helms used material from more than 30 languages ​and re-composed them phonetically, grammatically and semantically into what could be called a new and exciting “Helmsian” artificial language. The exterior framework is a love story between the German jew Michael and Helène who is the daughter of a Finnish nazi general. In collaboration with the author, the ensemble sprechbohrer has worked over five years long and repeatedly publicly performed the fascinating 90-minute piece in parts, before they finally recorded it in 2009 in the studios at Hessischer Rundfunk in Frankfurt. Wergo has now released it as a 2 CDs box with an extensive 64-pages booklet in English and German. Max Nyffeler wrote in neue musikzeitung (July/Aug 2011): “The polyphonic flow of language, in which surprisingly concrete meaningful fragments flash, is being performed in a detailed and chromatic manner by the speech art trio sprechbohrer.” Brunel Library now has a copy of it.


So, what do you think?

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