Clerks with Fox Researching the Arts

The annual Researching the Arts Conference will be held June 15th and 16th in the Antonin Artaud Performance Centre (program down below). As part of the conference, Christopher Fox and The Clerks will have a work in progress up for testing  based on research into auditory streaming — funded in part by Wellcome Trust, the biomedical research giant —  and will need as many guinea pigs (that would be you) as possible during the performance. Sounds, literally, like fun!
June 15th
13:30 Tea Coffee
14:00 Welcome speech A001 Gretchen Schiller
14:15 Louie Jenkins A001 Performance Five Fragments
3:00 Helenna Ren A103 Performance Digital Self
3:45 Wayne Smith A101 A reading from Big Time
4:00 Professor Christopher Fox, Dr Edward Wickham, The Clerks

Wine Reception

Thursday June 16th
9:30 Coffee Reception
10:00 Panel One: Stories of truth, lies, faction and self (Papers are 20 min each)
-Sally O’Reilly, English
Paper Inventing Shakespeare: imagined versions of William Shakespeare in drama and fiction
-Emma Fitness, English
Paper Telling Tales
-Emma Jolly English
Paper Hamlet and the French Connection
11:15 Second panel Redefining and Re evaluating Culture A001
Joseph Norman, English
Paper: Defining the Culture: The Ambiguous Utopia of Iain M. Banks.
Carl Wilson Screen Media
Paper: The Reality of Representation and the Representation of ‘Charlie Kaufman – Screenwriter’.
Onder Ozdem, Screen Media
Paper: Reevaluation of Documentary Cinema in the Age of Digital Communication
Paper: Simon Katan Music
Musical Matryoshka: Recursive structures through sonic and visual media.
12:45 Buffet Lunch A001
2:00  Keynote Speaker Professor  Jill Casid University Madison Wisconsin
Pyrographies: Photography, Desire, Loss A001


One thought on “Clerks with Fox Researching the Arts

  1. simon katan & gregory emfietzis (music students) are also on the 16th

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