Research Seminar: Andrew Hall & Harald Muenz

Seminar is next Wednesday June 8th in GB12, 4:30pm and 5:30pm

Andy Hall :   Two Steps Into the Darkness      Mind, Movement and Metaphor in Improvisation

An introduction to my recent work on ‘improvisation schemes’, visual starting points for leaderless improvisation.  I will present several recordings from this work and invite discussion on the surrounding research topics of cognition, metaphor and emergence.

Harald Muenz:  Being experimental at the beginning of the 21st century 
“Composition”  seems to have become a problematic term. What this has meant traditionally seems now not to be a position that can be defended easily any longer. However, there are enough examples for composers claiming music had come to a standstill. I certainly don’t believe composing has become a dead end, or even irrelevant. However, a clarification beyond the naïve view of what “composition” can mean today has become essential. Being an “experimentalist” is still dear to me. However, being “experimental” is neither a mere technical fact that must be made explicit in any compositional style or techniques, nor is it a question of what materials you use. It is more of an approach or a behaviour, also in how you behave towards what can be identified as the “acceptable mainstream of avant-garde”

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