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Reich! Steve Reich will be 75 this year. The folks over at Boosey & Hawkes have pulled out all the stops to give us a new 10 minute video of the composer talking about his music and his influences. You can head over there to watch the video (it really is worth the 10 minutes to hear the composer in his own words) and while you’re on the site, have a poke around a bit and look at the other artists the publisher represents. There are interesting snippets on/from Wynton Marsalis to Magnus Lindberg. Some favorite goodies include the Boosey & Hawkes Radio (LOTS of stuff here), podcasts, biographies and other things marketing. Speaking of which, don’t forget that Boosey & Hawkes were the original publishers of Tempo in 1939, a magazine dedicated to contemporary composers – which just happened to be a lot of Boosey’s own. A great idea for marketing your music, if ever there was one. The journal, since 2002, is published by Cambridge University Press. All this to say, enjoy the resources at your fingertips — like the Boosey Radio and videos of composers in their own words —  while keeping in mind the source.

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