The singing Cage

You can try this yourself. Find a comfortable, resonant space – lying in a warm bath works well – breathe deeply and sing a low note. Hold it, gradually changing the shape of your mouth…, slyly writes Christopher Fox in today’s Guardian. Is he playing with us? No (well, maybe a little), he’s giving us an example of the vast sound world that the human voice, and it’s attached body, is capable of creating. He goes on with examples from Trevor Wishart to Berio and experimental studios like Fonologia or the movement that was Fluxus. Highly readable and enjoyable… and informative. A must read.

What’s the occasion? An exceptional opportunity to hear the UK’s leading vocal ensemble (they are REALLY good) in a new version — with electronics — of John Cage’s Song Books. Hear Exaudi in this unique experience March 28, 8pm at Kings Place. Students are allowed in at half the price… Don’t miss it!


So, what do you think?

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