Pour les francophiles… or not!

For those who remember some of their French from school, or for those of us forced into learning the language and for those who are willing to explore outside their mother tongue, there is an excellent site run by the CDMC (actively documenting contemporary music issues) worth a bookmark. They even record conferences so that we can listen at our leisure. Here is a link to a recent colloque available for listening: Horizons of music in France 1944-1954 (there is an English version of the abstracts available). Of particular interest might be this: Un triangle fatal ? La conjonction Leibowitz – Boulez – Schaeffer by Esteban Buch. (Tip: skip to time 10:10 for some tasty bits by Boulez on Schaeffer)

Take a look around the CDMC site. You will find conferences in English (there is one on Ligeti) as well as competitions, calls for compositions  and lots of pertinent information just a click away…


So, what do you think?

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