Cyber Capers

From all the many sources of interesting (no, really and truly interesting) sources of info on contemporary music flying around out there, here is one that is worth the pause. Following a thread from last week’s activities…

From The Rambler (AAA blog):  Brian Ferneyhough:” I don’t think I’m asking too much of people. It costs me a lot to write music too. Why shouldn’t I ask them to not just put their bums on a chair but to use what God gave them in their heads?”  A reflexion on the quality of the press assigned to contemporary music with some pertinent comments. You can find it here: ferneyhough-gets-the-today-treatment

While you’re over there, check out the link on sources of contemporary music recordings on the web. Some links are dead, but there are some good ones still operating. Here is a direct link to the article: Classical music mp3 blogs. Spend some time and roam a bit with The Rambler. You will enjoy it…

Maybe this is already well known, but for those who know nothing about Animusic, here is some fun for Monday:


2 thoughts on “Cyber Capers

  1. I guess some would argue that there is no barrier between pop and minimalism… Animusic then would be bubble gum minimalism? There is something fascinating in the image/sound cohabitation. It is, I assume, meant to be a whole as neither the music nor the video would be strong enough to stand alone. Methinks.

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