Welcome to Music at Brunel University

Music of now

Music at Brunel focuses clearly on the present, and looks creatively toward the future. We offer four undergraduate programmes, all firmly oriented toward the music of the 20th and 21st centuries: BA (Hons) in Music; BMus (Hons) in Composition; BMus (Hons) in Music Performance; and BA (Hons) in Sonic Arts. We also offer Joint Honours degrees with Games Design. At postgraduate level we will offer an MA/MMus in 21st-century Music and, by research, the MPhil and PhD. Music at Brunel views music of the past through the prism of contemporary musical activity, providing a strong base of knowledge and craft to enable students to be flexible, skilful and creative 21st-century musicians. Comments from a recent NSS survey shows that our students feel equipped with the tools to learn and to develop as young creative artists.

Exceptional staff

Staff include some of the leading figures in today’s contemporary music: composers John Croft, Christopher Fox, Colin Riley and Jennifer Walshe; ensemble music innovator and improviser Peter Wiegold, musicologist Bob Gilmore, jazz musician Frank Griffith, composers and electronic music experts Harald Muenz and Carl Faia and contemporary pianist Sarah Nicolls.

Flexible, original courses

Brunel offers four undergraduate (BMus and BA) programmes and two taught postgraduate routes (MMus and MA). Supervision is also offered at MPhil and PhD levels.

Whether you are interested in performing, composing, or studying the music of today, whether using traditional instruments or new technologies, Brunel offers a programme which will provide you with both the necessary professional skills and a rigorous academic grounding. Many ‘specialist’ music degrees are simply pathways through a generic music degree; but at Brunel we offer specially designed programmes focussing on the skills needed by a composer, performer, sonic artist, or musicology. But in all of these degrees you also have the opportunity to pursue other areas, with options in performance, composition, popular music and music technology, regardless of which degree you choose. All programmes also give you the opportunity to study the social, perceptual, and theoretical aspects of music, and to undertake a practical or written special project of your own choosing at Level 3.

We currently offer the following undergraduate programmes: BA (Hons) in MusicBMus (Hons) in CompositionBMus (Hons) in Music PerformanceBA (Hons) in Sonic ArtsBA Joint Honours in Music and English, Drama, or Screen Media.

Peter Wiegold and John Croft on the joys of music at Brunel (and while youtubing, check out the videos from our colleagues in other departments just to confirm the coolness factor of the place)